Employee Recruitment & Selection in HRM

Recruitment and Selection is one of the most vital Function of Human Resources Management. The success of any business organization mostly depend on the quality of the employees working over there. Timely employing right skilled employees for the right position through effective Recruitment and Selection process provide significant value towards the organizations success & continual growth.

In my writing I have focused on the core issues of Recruitment & Selection Function of Human Resources Management. By studying my contents the readers/learners will get a clear idea on the following issues:

  • What is Recruitment & Selection in HRM
  • Why Recruitment & Selection is required
  • Sources of Recruitment in HRM
  • Recruitment & Selection Process in HRM

What is Recruitment & Selection?

Recruitment is the process of searching for potential employees and inspiring or attracting them to apply for vacant jobs in an organization.

Selection is the process of finding and appointing the best and most qualified candidate for a job opening, in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Recruitment & Selection Process is a complete cycle which originates with the identification of company requirement for an employee to perform a specific job and ends with the employing & orienting the employee to the organization.

So in brief we can summarize, by recruitment process we inform, attract and invite maximum potential candidates for applying in favor of a circulated available job position for an organization.

On the other hand, by selection process we apply different techniques/methods to identify & finalize the most suitable candidate with the required skills to fill the vacant position in a most cost effective and rational way.

Why Recruitment & Selection is required for an organization

An organization/company is formed to achieve some specific goal. A combination of different jobs are required to perform to successfully attain the set goal. To accomplish the different category jobs organization require employees of different types under the umbrella of separate departments/sections.

Recruitment & Selection is a never ending process for the organization. Employees are engaged in the organization in the following manners:

  • In the beginning of formation/journey of a company, through the process of Manpower Planning, required manpower for performing all category jobs is identified. The planned required workforce (with required skills) is then employed in the company in phase by phase through effective Recruitment & Selection Process.
  • Employees are appointed due to vacancy in different existing positions caused for the following conditions:
      • Employee resignation
      • Employee termination
      • Employee transfer
      • Employee Promotion
      • Employee Retirement
      • Employee death
  • Enlargement/ increasing of job activities of a department/section
  • In case of business expansion, new job positions are created and more new employees are required to perform those jobs.
  • If an organization can not achieve the desired goal/target through the existing key personnel of the company, it may take strategy to replace the non-productive/ ineffective key personnel with the new employment through effective recruitment & selection process.

If a company can establish & sustain an effective Recruitment & Selection system then only it will be possible for them to continuously supply effective & efficient manpower for different required positions. Through appointing right employees with right skills they will be able to attain & sustain their continual success & growth.

Sources of Recruitment in HRM

The most important phase of recruitment process is to search for potential/ suitable candidates and informing them about the job openings in the company. The candidates may be accessible from inside or outside of the organization.

Mainly there are two (2) major sources of recruitment, which are internal sources and external sources of recruitment.

  • Internal Sources of Recruitment

Employees are chosen from the organization to fill up the created or vacant position. I have discussed in detail about internal sources of recruitment in major sources of recruitment post.

  • External Sources of Recruitment

Apart from the organization, potential employees from the outside world are invited and informed about the job openings in the organization by using different methods and techniques. Detail discussion on the methods of external sources of recruitment is made in major sources of recruitment post.

Recruitment & Selection Process in HRM

An organization required effective Recruitment & Selection process to find out the most suitable employees for any required position. Recruitment & Selection process consists of the following steps:

  • Recruitment Planning
  • Identifying the jobs vacancy
  • Analyzing the job requirements
  • Activating the recruitment sources
  • Reviewing and shortlisting applications
  • Conducting interviews
  • Selecting the right candidate
  • Obtaining management approval
  • Appointing the selected candidate
  • Orienting the joined employee in the organization.

I have made detail discussion on the above topic in Recruitment & Selection Process post.

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